At Rs 93, petrol price highest in Pune since 2013 | Pune News – Times of India


PUNE: The price of fuel touched Rs 93.14 a litre on Friday in Pune, the highest since 2013.
The hike comes just four days after the Union budget was announced by the Centre in which a farm ceased of Rs 2.5 per litre of petrol and Rs 4 per lite on diesel was proposed.
Ali Daruwalla, the national spokesperson of the All INDIA Petrol Dealers Association confirmed that the cost of petrol in Pune had crossed the Rs 93 mark. “Finally petrol price has crossed the all time high of Rs 93 which was seen in 2013 during the UPA regime,” he said.
According to Daruwalla, while the cost of one lite of petrol in Pune on Friday will rest at Rs 93.14, the cost of a litre of diesel had also increased and will rest at Rs 82.38 on Friday.
The prices of fuel had been constantly on the rise since January this year, something which had bothered many, especially the transporters. One of the main demands of the transporters for the budget was to decrease the fuel prices and bring it under GST so that prices remained uniform across the country.
The transporters has said that they will have to increase the transportation costs if the price of fuel kept on increasing, something which in turn, will result in increase in the prices of all commodities.

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