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GURUGRAM: A schoolgirl who had written an Insta post last May, in the wake of #Bois-LockerRoom revelations on social media, about an incident of alleged sexual harassment by an ex-classmate will face trial for abetment to suicide at a juvenile court, where police on Wednesday filed a chargesheet against her and another teen, reports Bagish Jha.
Hours after the May 4 post was shared within their group of friends, the 17-yearold boy she had named was abused on social media and allegedly threatened over phone. The same evening, he jumped to death from the balcony of his DLF-5 apartment. The boy’s father had filed a police case against her and sought regulations on use of social media by minors, asking if social media disclosures without the burden of proof should be allowed.
Locker-room case: Boy’s father says cops not serious about probe
In the chargesheet, police have invoked sections 305 (abetment to suicide) and 34 (common intent) of IPC against the girl and a friend of hers. The duo had taken anticipatory bail from court. The boy’s father alleged police had not pursued the case with the required level of seriousness. “Even after filing the chargesheet after so many months, police are yet to submit details of investigation related to others involved in it,” he said, adding call records and Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat records were not produced.
He said his son was ridiculed and defamed and accused of molesting a girl, but there was no proof. “Police have not yet recorded the statements of all the persons who had shared the post and were part of the group,” he said, adding the chargesheet had not covered all aspects of the “crime”. “I am completely dissatisfied with the investigation conducted in the case, which is biased and unfair. I have been providing information and evidence, but the police failed to act on it,” he said. Advocate Vishal Gupta, counsel for the girls, said it was his client who was the victim. “This is a case thrust upon the girls,” Gupta said.
The girl, then 17, wrote the post when #BoisLockerRoom was dominating conversations among high school students. In a conversation with this correspondent last year, the girl had said she and some of her close friends found themselves revealing personal experiences to each other, about objectification, casual sexual aggression and vulgarity they regularly got subjected to, and the ‘normalisation’ of it, which angered them.
“I told them about my experience. Everyone was shocked. They told me I should no longer be silent and that the story needs to be out there. In that moment, I decided to stand up for myself and tell my story. I knew I’ll be trolled but I wanted to say it,” she had said. Praised after the post for her bravery, she was trolled viciously after the boy’s death. “I deactivated my account because of the filth that I was being subjected to after his death. It’s sad he took this step. But, that doesn’t prove my story wrong,” she had told TOI.
According to the girl, the alleged incident took place they were both in Class X and had become friends. The boy, she claimed, had come to her housing society and proposed a walk in the basement. There, she claimed, he had touched her inappropriately and demanded sexual favours. Later, a post by a person identifying himself as the brother of the boy, posted from an Instagram account, claiming the boy had received threat calls and texts, after which he had tried to defend himself and told his friends he was innocent. The post said he couldn’t handle the constant threats and believed his side of the story would not be heard and that he had a panic attack, which drove him to suicide.

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