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NASHIK: Citizens will now have to pay Rs 5 per person every time they visit any market in the city as the police and civic administration are trying to discourage crowding in marketplaces in an effort to curb the spread of the infection.
People will be given tickets on payment of the Rs 5 fee, and each ticket permits the shopper access to the market only for an hour. Anyone breaching the one-hour deadline will be fined Rs 500.
The Rs 5 fee would be collected by the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) for various Covid-prevention measures including sanitization of the area.
The police, meanwhile, will maintain a strict bandobast at the marketplaces.
Vijay Kharat, the Zone II DCP, conducted a meeting of officials of the Ambad, Satpur and Indiranagar police station on Monday to tell them about the measures they must carry out in the markets within their respective jurisdictions.
The new rule will apply to the main market area in the city, the Nashik market committee, the Pawan Nagar market in Ambad, Ashok Nagar market in Satpur and Kalanagar market in Indiranagar.
The markets would be sealed with only one entry point. People would have to take the Rs 5 coupon at the time of entry.
Hawkers, vegetable vendors and shopkeepers would be issued passes. Those residing in the market areas would be allowed inside only after their identity cards are checked
Many people described this move as ridiculous. “People visiting markets often bargain for as little as Rs 2. Here the police have decided to simply collect Rs 5 from every customer. If they want, they can control the crowd even without taking this money,” said Neeta Ajbe, a resident of Nashik Road area.
Prafulla Sancheti, the president of the Nashik traders’ association, called this a one-sided decision as the traders and vendors were not taken into confidence. Instead of taking such a decision, the administration may as well have decided on a lockdown, Sancheti said.
Speaking to TOI, Kharat said: “The exercise is for disaster management, and not to ruin businesses. The aim is to control the crowds. Under Section 43 of the Bombay Police Act, the commissioner of police is empowered to take certain decisions when the Epidemic Act is in force. The collection of money would be done by the NMC. The police would deploy a bandobast to ensure there is no overcrowding.”
He said that the new system would come in force from Tuesday or Wednesday.

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