Delhi Man Borrows from Saddam Hussein’s Book, Uses Thallium to Take ‘Revenge’ Against Wife, In-laws


Inspired by the idea from former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein and his intelligence agencies of using thallium to eliminate political opponents, a 37-year-old businessman from Delhi has been arrested for using the toxin to target his wife and in laws.

Police on Tuesday night arrested the real-estate businessman Varun Arora, a resident of Greater Kailash, for killing his mother-in-law while her wife remains in coma since February, Indian Express reported.

The man’s sister-in-law also died around the same time in February. “The incident came to light on March 21 when Devendra Mohan Sharma, 62, a manufacturer of homeopathy medicines, approached police and said that his wife Anita Sharma had died at Ganga Ram hospital and that he suspected his son-in-law Arora of murdering her,” Police said.

The father-in-law alleged that in January, Varun Arora cooked fish laced with thallium and served it to his family members. Police said that Arora didn’t eat it himself neither did he feed his twin children.

After police conducted the medical test of Sharma they found elevated levels of thallium in his blood. The police then conducted a post-mortem and a forensic examination of his wife Anita Sharma’s body.

The forensic experts informed the investigators that Anita also had high thallium levels, sources said. Police then lodged an FIR under IPC Section 302 (murder) at Inder Puri police station.

Police later conducted the medical examination of Arora’s wife and found that the thallium levels were high in her too. Arora was called for questioning but he didn’t confess to anything.

Police then conducted a raid on his house on Tuesday and recovered his laptop. On scanning the device, it found web pages related to thallium in his browsing history and many others on Saddam Hussein employing the toxin to eliminate his rivals.

“We also found out that Arora had ordered thallium through an online pharmacist after claiming that he and his father-in-law were making a homeopathy medicine for coronavirus. We tracked the person who delivered the package and he identified Arora,” an officer said.

Later Arora revealed that the wanted to take revenge against his wife and in-laws over an incident from six years ago. “Arora’s father died around that time and soon after, his wife got pregnant. He (Arora) believed the child would be his father’s reincarnation, but due to some complications the foetus had to be aborted on the doctor’s advice. Arora was against the abortion, but his wife and her family members went ahead. Arora and his wife later had two children through IVF, and he said her family members taunted him. He then decided to seek revenge,” police said.

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