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NEW DELHI: A Delhi court on Thursday dismissed the bail plea of Pinjra Tod member Natasha Narwal booked in a northeast Delhi riots case under the stringent Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act observing the allegations against her were “prima facie” true.
Additional sessions judge Amitabh Rawat said, “On the perusal of the chargesheet and accompanying documents for the limited purpose of bail, I am of the opinion that the allegations against the accused Natasha Narwal are prima facie true… since there are reasonable grounds for believing that the accusation against the accused are prima facie true, hence, embargo created by Section 43D of UAPA applies for grant of bail to the accused.”
Appearing for Narwal, advocate Adit S Pujari had argued that there was only a protest against CAA and no conspiracy. He further submitted that the protest was organic and secular in manner.
Pujari further argued that between February 23 and 26, 2020, there was no loss of lives owing to an acid-related injury according to their medico-legal case records and eight persons, who sustained acid-related injuries, didn’t fall within the jurisdiction of Jaffrabad police station. “No document indicates that injuries were due to red chilli powder,” he submitted.
The court, however, underscored that Narwal’s contention that she had no role in raising funds for riots or that acid related injuries were not within the jurisdiction of Jaffrabad police station or injuries due to red chilli powder were not shown anywhere in any document was “misplaced”.
Firstly, it said, other accused persons in this case were alleged to have played in the conspiracy and the “conspiracy has to be read as a whole and not piecemeal”.
“There is a linkage shown by the prosecution between Narwal with other accused persons,” it added.
According to the court, for constituting a conspiracy meeting of minds of two or more persons for doing an illegal act or any act by illegal means was the condition and it was not at all necessary that all conspirators must know each and every details of the conspiracy.
Noting one of Pujari’s contentions that the prosecution had not produced any video evidence to demonstrate Narwal’s role in the present case, the court observed that it was a case of a “deep-rooted” conspiracy leading to killing of several people besides injuries and destruction of property.
Special public prosecutor Amit Prasad had contended that there was no CCTV outside the Jaffrabad Metro Station and the footage maintained by the DMRC inside the metro station was available only for seven days.
“At this stage of bail, I am of the opinion that in a case of conspiracy of such large scale, not having a video is not so vital as generally conspiracy, by its very nature, is hatched in secrecy and not having videos of such a conspiracy is obvious rather than doubtful. There are some videos of actual rioting that occurred in February, 2020 in other cases of riots,” judge Rawat observed.

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