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NEW DELHI: The percentage of Covid-19 vaccination coverage in Delhi increased to 58% of current target on Wednesday with 18,599 individuals – healthcare workers and frontline workers – turning up to receive the shots.
Over 2 lakh frontline workers and 1.4 lakh healthcare workers have so far been vaccinated. According to a health department report, 1,41,392 healthcare workers and 2,02,945 frontline workers have been vaccinated out of 2.6 lakh healthcare workers and 3.5 lakh frontline workers. The registration of frontline workers is still going on.
Meanwhile, a Delhi government official said that Delhi government is ready to start the vaccination of people above 50 according to the guidelines issued by the central government. The government will scale up the existing network of vaccination centres and there is no shortage of vaccines.
The turnout for vaccination dipped on Wednesday with only 18599 people turning up to get the jab as compared to 20466 individuals turning up to get the shots the day before. The 18599 vaccinated individuals included both who received first and second dose of the jab. Over 20,000 healthcare workers have been given second dose of vaccination thus they have completed the vaccination coverage and would soon have antibodies against coronavirus.
The number of vaccination centres increased to 315 and the total target of vaccination for Wednesday was 31500 people. An official said the vaccination turnout may be decreasing because the percentage of vaccination coverage is growing. “It may witness a massive jump after it is opened for the general public above 50 because many people want to get the shots. The desirability for vaccines is growing because people have witnessed that more than 3.4 lakh people have been vaccinated and are doing well. No one is ill; those who reported minor adverse events recovered soon after,” said an official.
Among the 18599 people only two reported minor adverse events on Wednesday. Nine of the 11 districts did not report even a single adverse event and only two districts – North and East – reported one adverse event each.

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