Kaagaz release: Highlights


Kaagaz is special for director-actor Satish Kaushik since he is making his directorial comeback with it after six years.

During the trailer launch event, Kaushik shared how it took him 18 years to make Kaagaz. He stated, “Its script underwent changes over the years. Sometimes it looked like a documentary. I went to so many actors with the film. So it was like a struggle for me. Like Lal Bihari’s struggle went on for 18 years, even my 18 years went into making the film.”

When indianexpress.com asked Satish Kaushik about the nuances that Pankaj Tripathi brought to his character, the director said, “When you have an actor like Pankaj Tripathi, knowingly or unknowingly, his experience gets reflected in his characters. Pankaj gave me suggestions during scenes. He improvised his body language too.”

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