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MUMBAI: A special Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act court on Tuesday rejected the bail plea of a 45-year-old father accused of sexually assaulting his two teenage daughters.
He claimed that since the conviction rate in the city was only 9 per cent, there was a 90 per cent chance that he would be acquitted.
The court, however, held that the record revealed that there is prima facie evidence about his involvement in the commission of heinous offence of penetrative sexual assault on his daughters.
The court further held that as the investigations are in progress, it was not a fit case for granting bail.
The older daughter is currently in a children’s home.
The survivor, who was 17 years old, lodged the FIR last month with the help of her teacher.
The teenager confided in her teacher after her mother refused to pay heed.
She said that the first incident took place when her mother had gone to their village in 2018.
The girl also found that the accused was also assaulting her now 14-year-old sister.
The school teacher contacted Child Helpline and got help.
Opposing the man’s bail plea, the prosecution submitted that since both the minor and he were residing in the same house, there is every possibility that he may pressurize her.
Among other grounds for seeking bail, the accused said that he is the sole bread earner of his family and they were dependent upon him.
He also said that he was suffering from a heart ailment, diabetes and blood pressure and Covid-19 pandemic put him in the vulnerable category.
(The victim’s identity has not been revealed to protect her privacy as per Supreme Court directives on cases related to sexual assault)

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