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Doctors said either there should be designated refilling stations for hospitals or they would have to halt admissions.

NEW DELHI: Hospital administrators haven’t been able to breathe easy these past few days and it is unlikely they will do so soon. Oxygen supply is erratic and uncertain. On Monday, the Institute of Brain and Spine in Lajpat Nagar had only an hour’s oxygen supply and around 11am asked the patients to shift somewhere else. At least six other small hospitals sent out distress calls either online or through the media.
Doctors said either there should be designated refilling stations for hospitals or they would have to halt admissions. “We are supposed to save lives, not be engaged forever in searching for oxygen. Who will care for the patients when our focus is on finding oxygen?” said a doctor from one of the seven hospitals who flirted with disaster on Monday.
Irene Hospital in Kalkaji had an hour of oxygen for its 40 patients at 1.40pm. The hospital somehow managed to get 30 cylinders, but this is enough only to last the night. At around 8.40pm, Kukreja Hospital in Mayur Vihar found itself with oxygen for just three hours for its 22 critical Covid patients.
Jeewan Anmol hospital in Mayur Vihar was another facility pleading for help with depleted stocks. On Sunday too, the hospital had a desperate 10 minutes of the gas left when they managed replenishments. “We have 60 patients and 10 are in the ICU. There was a crisis yesterday and all the oxygen cylinders were exhausted,” groaned Anmol Sondhi, deputy medical superintendent. “We called our supplier who claimed to have given us our allocated supply. Our requirement is 1.3 metric tonnes, but we get only 0.6 MT. We are in a helpless situation and have informed our patients.”
A crisis hit Dharamveer Solanki Hospital in Rohini on Monday morning. The last gas stocks the hospital got was at 1.30pm on Sunday. Dr Pankaj Solanki, owner of the hospital, told TOI, “For 36 hours I haven’t received supplies. I have myself gone out looking for cylinders. We always inform the authorities about the situation but to little avail. We had now told our patients to arrange cylinders themselves or shift to another facility.” Later, the 50-bedded hospital, which has 15 covid patients, received some cylinders that will see it through till Tuesday afternoon.
The Institute of Brain and Spine also started telling the patients to consider other alternative healthcare facilities. Family members of several patients later took to Twitter and posted a video of the hospital administration informing them about the miserable scenario. An official from the hospital’s administrative department said, “We were struggling in the morning and looking for cylinders. We have 37 patients, 13 of them in the intensive care unit. The lives of the patient are all at stake. The hospital managed to get some cylinders by the afternoon and somehow staved off a crisis, but we need to have a consistent supply of oxygen. Our patients are on high flow oxygen.”
Among other hospitals that faced terrifying moments on Monday were Gandhi Hospital of Uttam Nagar, which was at the point of disaster just post-midnight, but somehow managed things till stocks could be replenished. Devine Hospital in Wazirabad, looking after 32 patients, too had a heart-stopping hour, but somehow managed to get its hands on 20 cylinders.
Like Irene Hospital in Kalkaji, Sonia Hospital in Nangloi too was on a tipping point, but it managed to save the day for its 70 patients, but only just. Bhagwan Mahavir Hospital in Pitampura was forced to send an SOS alert at 8.30pm on Monday when its stocks had run down to about a half hour’s supply. HAHC Hospital also raised an alarm, but received supplies, even if it came a little later than the usual time.


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