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NEW DELHI: Two men, including one who was homeless, were killed and two others stated to be in critical condition after a tempo crushed them near Nigambodh Ghat on Wednesday morning. Police said the vehicle was speeding from the direction of Yudhistir Setu and heading towards Nigambodh Ghat. The driver was arrested by a police team patrolling the area.
According to police, around 6.15am, the racing tempo first hit a scooter and ran over its rider before climbing on to the footpath and mowing the people sleeping there.
“A tempo of Eicher make driven by Ateek Ahmad injured three people sleeping on the roadside and a scooter driver identified as Vehram Khan. While Khan and a homeless man were brought dead at the hospital, the other two homeless are stated to have suffered serious injuries and are unable as yet to give any statement,” said Anto Alphonse, DCP (North). “The tempo is registered in the name of Ahmad’s mother and was carrying some plants and saplings. The 26-year-old driver was coming from Gajraula and going to Sarai kale Khan. A case has been registered.”
While Vehram Khan was a civil defence volunteer currently deployed at GB Pant Hospital, there were no details about the other deceased or the injured. Khan’s family later took his body from the Sabzi Mandi mortuary. “His wife, Misbah, has gone to her maternal home during her pregnancy, so we gave her father the news,” said Zaidan Khan, the elder brother. “They will reach Delhi by Wednesday evening.’
Zaidan said Vehram had left home around 5am to drop his mother at Jafrabad from where she was to board a bus to Rampur. “Our mother was going there for our cousin’s wedding on April 2,” said Zaidan. Vehram had hoped to rush home, shower and rush to the hospital where he was on duty at the vaccination centre.
When Vehram did not return home, Zaidan asked the younger brother, Hannan Khan, to go and check. Hannan disclosed, “I reached Jafrabad and was told my brother had left after dropping our mother. While turning, I saw people gathered on the road near the bridge loop. They said a scooter rider was killed. We rushed to the hospital to find our worst fears confirmed. Police told us he was hit from behind soon and the tempo ran him over too.”
Maroof, who was sleeping just a few feet away from where the three were hit by the tempo, kept thanking god. He explained that the night shelter got packed and was filled with mosquitos, so a lot of homeless people preferred sleeping in the open. He added that a fourth person usually slept at the accident spot but had gone to buy beedi and survived.
“Someone had told me to move from my normal place, but I am glad I did not change my location. I could have been the man under the tempo’s rear wheel,” said the native of West Bengal. “I was startled awake by a loud bang and ran to see that the truck had crushed the scooter driver and the pavement sleepers. Thirteen minutes later, a police patrol arrived.”

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